FFA Chairman Steven Lowy AM praises contribution of outgoing Board directors

Football Federation Australia (FFA) chairman Steven Lowy AM has today praised the outstanding contribution to football of three outgoing FFA Board directors.

Joseph Healy advised of his resignation from the Board to take effect at the conclusion of this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), and the terms of the other Appointed Directors, Simon Hepworth and Chris Nikou, expired on 16 October 2018.

Lowy said he wanted to recognise the service and contribution of all three directors. “They have each dedicated enormous time and expertise to their roles as directors over the past eight years in Joseph’s case and four years for Simon and Chris.  

“This has included chairing and/or being a member of a range of Board committees too numerous to mention.”

Lowy continued “Each of them has demonstrated an unquestionable commitment to serving the game through objective, independent and considered decision-making. 

“They have engaged in the deliberations of the Board with integrity, candour and courage and in doing so, have contributed to a Board that has, not without robust and challenging debate, always acted in what it considers to be the best interests of FFA.”  

“On a personal note, I would like to express my appreciation for the support they have provided me in my role as chairman, through their selflessness, enthusiasm, passion for the game and adherence to best practice governance principles.”

As a result of today’s announcement, the FFA Board comprises five directors until the AGM, at which four vacancies for Elected Directors will be available to be filled, and at the conclusion of which there will be three vacancies for Appointed Directors available to be filled.

A date for the 2018 Annual General Meeting will be announced in due course.