FFA sanctions Mitch Nichols for a breach of the National Code of Conduct

Mitch Nichols has been found to have breached clauses 2.1 and 6.1(a) of the FFA National Code of Conduct (Code) as a result of an incident which occurred in the early hours of Saturday, 13 May 2017 whilst Mr Nichols was at public premises in Double Bay.

In finding that Mr Nichols has breached the Code, FFA has determined that Mr Nichols must complete an appropriate counselling and education course, as well as serve a four (4) match suspension.

In determining the appropriate sanction, FFA took into account that Mr Nichols:

·  took immediate responsibility for his actions;

·  made an early admission of guilt regarding his breach of the Code; and

·  showed genuine remorse and contrition for his actions.

Mr Nichols has 7 business days to appeal FFA’s determination, should he wish to do so.