Independent Review of National Teams’ Management

The Board of Football Federation Australia (FFA) has received and accepted the final report from the Independent Review of FFA National Teams’ Management.

The review was established in August 2019 to ensure all national teams are operating to the highest of standards by assessing how teams are managed, including the decision-making processes and the way in which items are reported to the FFA Board.

The review was carried out by a three-member Independent Panel chaired by Diane Smith-Gander AO. Smith-Gander is a professional non-executive director with an extensive career as a management consultant. She is also a former Chair of Basketball Australia.

The other panel members were Rod McGeoch AO and Liz Ellis AO. McGeoch is lawyer who is currently Deputy Chairman and Trustee of the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) while Ellis is a former captain of the Australian Diamonds Netball Team. Ellis also has a background in law and has served on numerous boards, including Sport Australia.

A series of recommendations have been made in the report built around the themes of athlete centricity in national team management and a strong governance culture that deliver improvements in procedures that in turn support an athlete centric management philosophy.

The FFA Board has established a National Teams Review sub-committee to assess the recommendations and provide strategic direction to management in respect of implementation.  The sub-committee is comprised of three FFA board members: Joseph Carrozzi (Chair), Amy Duggan and Mark Bresciano.

FFA Chairman Chris Nikou thanked the members of the review panel for their expertise and insight.

“This report is a crucial pillar upon which the future success of our national teams will be built.

“This is the most competitive sport on the planet with significant amounts being invested in national team performance by football associations all around the world. Our best chance at competing at the highest level on the field is if we put our athletes squarely at the centre of our management strategy.

“The lines of communication and accountability in managing those teams need to be of the highest standards for us to achieve the success we crave.

“This is a shared vision that gives us a roadmap to delivering the best environment possible for our national teams to reach their potential,” Nikou said.

A copy of the Report’s Executive Summary and Recommendations is available HERE.