Refugee Week 2020: Celebrating contributions to Australian football

Australian football is a melting pot of over 1.9 million participants born in over 190 different countries.  With those participants come stories and experiences as unique as the cultures and players themselves. 

For many in our football community, those experiences include a journey to Australia to find a safe haven from persecution and uncertain futures. 

Musie Elongo
Musie Elongo is a Congelese refugee currently coaching U15 boys NPL (Photo: Ann Odong / FFA)

For those with a seeking refuge, a new start in a new world is made more manageable when they find a familiar sport; football. 

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While it may seem a small object, that football has provided joy and escape in lands far away and offered comfort, hope and welcome in an adopted land.  In turn, those who sought refuge have contributed to enriching our football culture and communities. 

During Refugee Week 2020, we are taking the opportunity to reflect and celebrate those who have made an impact in our clubs and football communities and the part football has played in making our communities stronger.  

In the #YearofWelcome, the stories shared will highlight the refugee experience and open up conversation and how the football community can unite to embrace our newest members.