#SaveHakeem the main theme for the 22nd Johnny Warren Memorial Cup in Jamberoo

The Johnny Warren Football Foundation will host the Johnny Warren Memorial Cup for the 22nd consecutive year this Friday and Saturday with 77 teams taking part in the tournament.

The competition stages five separate divisions, with three men’s and two female leagues.

The community of Jamberoo will be the centrepiece for the event, a town close to the heart of the former Socceroos captain.

Johnny Warren was born in Botany and dedicated his life to the “beautiful game.” His career involved many accolades, most notably receiving the FIFA Centennial Order of Merit in 2003 for his dedication to the sport in Australia. John lived in Jamberoo for a decade before his passing in 2004.

The fixtures will be played at Kevin Walsh Oval and Keith Irvine Oval located in the centre of the town. All matches are played under seven-a-side rules.

Chairman of the Johnny Warren Football Foundation, and nephew of the former Socceroo captain, Jamie Warren said that the event always re-ignites passion for the sport in the community.

“John would be very humbled by how far the tournament has come. Football is one language that puts differences aside and brings communities together and we get to demonstrate that right here in Jamberoo.”  

This particular edition of the knockout will attempt to raise awareness of more than just football. The controversial detainment of Hakeem al-Araibi by the Thailand government has become a pressing issue in the eyes of the Australian footballing community.

The release and return of al-Araibi is of key importance to all and the Johnny Warren Football Foundation will attempt to raise awareness of the issue.

#SaveHakeem will be posted on social media and will be seen around the grounds in an attempt to bring the ex-Bahraini international footballer home to Australia.

You can add your voice by signing Amnesty International's petition to #SaveHakeem - click HERE to sign.