Disrupted and disappointed by COVID-19

Restaurants closed, football matches postponed and holidays cancelled. It is disruptive and disappointing when events are cancelled due to COVID-19. But there are ways to lessen the disappointment.

Acknowledge the disappointment

Disappointment, in and of itself, is a painful and sad feeling that comes up when something disrupts our hopeful expectations and positive feelings. When longed for and enjoyable plans are cancelled, it is legitimate to feel sad, annoyed, anxious, even angry. Acknowledge we will feel grief. If you have children, allow them to share in your distress and encourage them to express their own feelings.

Accept the new normal

Recognise the COVID-19 pandemic is out of our control. It helps when we face up to reality, even if it is painful. Talk about your experiences and how you feel, and make time to listen to others. Make time and space to be alone with your thoughts and feelings. Unpleasant as our disappointments may be, remind yourself that by staying home and giving up normal life we are saving lives.

Do things!

Make other plans. When plan A can’t happen, come up with a plan B. And when we catch ourselves thinking negatively, redirect our energy and focus on positive solutions. When we become too preoccupied with thinking about situations that have not met our expectations, we can create unnecessary stress.

Inspiration for turning around disappointment

Dinner plans cancelled? Put on a roast, light some candles and invite friends to join over video chat.

Missing your favourite foods? Prepare your favourite recipes as a way of bringing comfort and memories. 


Can not go to a concert or gallery? Pass your time listening or streaming music of your favourite artist or try drawing from your imagination. 

This COVID-19 period is great chance to finally a skill or hobby that you have always wanted to try or to re-engage with hobbies that you put to the side.  

Whether it is learning to cook new recipes or taking on a craft, you have ability to come out of this period ready to take on the world. 


Can not go to training or exercising? Train or play at home, in your backyard or at the park.

While football is slowly getting back online, kids can get ready for the season or keep your skills sharp through the Skills Hub.  

For more of a fun test, keep up with the Socceroos and Westfield Matildas via the Play at Home Challenge.  Football will be back so take the opportunity to be ready when it does! 

Your team is not playing? Watch a previous great game or grand final online. 

The SocceroosWestfied Matildas and Hyundai A-League websites have some great videos and articles on their Stay at Home hubs. You can watch the momentous Socceroos v Uruguay World Cup qualifier from 2005, listen to insights from Westfield Matildas players on the podcast or catch up on classic moments from your favourite Hyundai A-League club.