XI Principles For The Future of Australian Football

Australia’s football community are invited to begin submitting their feedback to FFA’s ‘XI Principles for the future of Australian Football’ discussion paper.

Over the next eleven days, Football Federation Australia (FFA) will release a series of online surveys to enable the football community to provide their views on the principles listed in the ‘living document’.

The ‘XI Principles for the future of Australian football’, are a collection of principles which have been developed based on feedback received over the course of this year from across the football ecosystem." - James Johnson

The surveys will enable FFA to capture key trends, and consider what consensus exists among the community regarding the game’s big issues. 

Each survey will remain open through to close of business on Friday, 31 July 2020, with the data gathered to help FFA make some important decisions for the game over the coming months, and evolve the document. 

The surveys will be released daily, please click below to access the latest survey.