Women's Football

rebel Female Football Week 

rebel Female Football Week is a nationwide initiative to celebrate the immense growth of women’s football at all levels of the game and acknowledge and promote the important role women play in developing football.

The objective of rebel Female Football Week is to drive female participation at all levels of the game, with a key focus on increasing female player participation. In addition, Football Federation Australia (FFA) aims to drive promotion for women’s football and celebrate women involved in the game.

In 2020, each Member Federation will conduct their own week, please see below:

8th - 15th March 2020                                                         1st - 10th May 2020
Capital Football                                                                          Football Victoria
Football West                                                                               Football NSW
Football Tasmania
Football South Australia
Football Queensland
Football Northern Territory
Football Northern NSW

Throughout each week all Member Federations, as well as Associations and clubs will be actively involved in the delivery of female football events including:

· Female football festivals

· Female coaching and refereeing courses

· MiniRoos for Girls Kick-Off programs

· Westfield W-League and Westfield Matildas signing sessions